Un nouvel entrant plutôt ambitieux : Bluezone

Extrait de sa présentation en ligne : « Blue Zone Is Convergence Is Blue Zone. We didn’t invent the word. But we are the ones who are making it mean something. (…) Blue Zone is the point where traditional broadcasting and the possibilities of the World Wide Web intersect. It’s the place where new media and mass media become one and the same. And, right there… that’s where we create a new world of information and entertainment. There’s been nothing like us since rabbit ears arrived in the rec room. (…) Our clients are media companies that are thinking Internet, and thinking big. Our services include web sites and web-revenue strategies. Our products include broadcaster’s tool kits for on-air and on-line simulcasts . And we provide original interactive content for TV, radio and the web. »
Blue Zone travaille à mêler interactivité et programmes vidéo ou radio. http://www.bluezone.net/

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