CC++ : The MIT Media Laboratory’s Car Research Group

CC++ : The MIT Media Laboratory’s Car Research Group
« The digital revolution is reconfiguring almost every aspect of our everyday lives. So why not our automobiles ?
Imagine a day in the not-too-distant future when your car can respond to your habits and intentions, or even sense the actions of other cars ; when it will not only have its own personality and attitude, but also variable colors for its many moods. « (…)
Now the Media Lab’s attention is turning toward the implications of digital technologies for the automotive industry : we are looking at ways that the digital revolution can « reinvent » the car as we know it. This includes understanding the changing demands of driving itself, and exploring creative opportunities for greater human interface. CC++ will also focus on the potential benefits of applying design methods and tools from media technology and medical research to auto manufacturing.
We see this as an opportunity to fully redefine the future of automobiles and our lives with them. Instead of being « commoditized » hardware items, much as computers were until they started to become personalized, we envision a day when our cars will know as much about what we want as we ourselves do, and will take an active part in enhancing our enjoyment and sense of investment in our traveling partners. »

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