"Things That Think"

« Think about the engineered artifacts that we are surrounded by most of the time. We wear clothes, put on jewelry, sit on chairs, and walk on carpets that all share the same profound failing : they are blind, deaf, and very dumb.
Cuff links don’t, in fact, link with anything else. Fabrics look pretty, but should have a brain, too. Glasses help sight, but they don’t see. Hardware and software should merge into « underware ». Your shoes should be retrieving the day’s personalized news from the carpet before you even have time to take off your coat.
We must expect more from our environment. « The future of the computer is to be blown to bits, unchaining information from the cumbersome boxes that it currently inhabits. But ubiquitous computing must not become oppressive computing ; true intelligence comes from building balanced systems that seamlessly merge together the many required levels of description. «  http://www.media.mit.edu/ttt/

PROJETS DU MIT MEDIALAB (http://www.media.mit.edu/)
MIT Media Lab’s HyperSoap Uses Hyperlinks to Mix Shopping, Entertainment http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/nr/1998/soapshopping.html

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